Problems with spinal discs

Disc Problems

Schematic drawing of hernia of the disc slipped disc

The spine is made up of on average 24 bones known as vertebra. In-between these vertebra are the vertebral discs. These disc are made up of a central nucleus called the nucleus pulposis and this is surrounded by an outer layer called the annulus fibrosis. The inner area is made up of a semi-fluid gel which resists compressive forces and displaces these forces to the out layer. The outer layer is made up of a fibrous layers which are interleaved which each to enable them to withstand the force applied by the central nucleus.

Prolapse of intervertebral disc closeup 3d image
Prolapse of intervertebral disc closeup 3d image

If this force becomes too great the gel like substance can force the fibres apart which then causes the disc to bulge and in some cases the gel can escape from the disc.

Pain from a damaged disc can come from the tears in the disc, compression of the surrounding ligaments and /or inflammation caused by the nuclear extrusion. This type of damage to the disc can also affect the nerves which can cause pain in the muscles associated with the nerves as well as referred pain from the nerve.

In the next update we will talk about what causes the disc to become damaged.

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