Gentle Chiropractic – Why We Are Different

  • Trust

    When asked, our patients will often say that they felt they could trust us.  We feel that this is the cornerstone of any relationship.  It is this, coupled with clear explanations of what is wrong and what are the options open to you, that sets us apart from others.

  • Reassurance

    Time and time again we hear patients comment on how thorough our examination procedures are and how they were reassured that should we feel we would be unlikely to help, then we would let them know early on.

  • Gentle

    Many people feel that chiropractic is all about cracking bones.  Chiropractic has evolved from those early days to include many gentle techniques that don’t involve this and are just as effective.  We suit the treatment to the patient, we are not a one size fits all clinic.

  • Caring and Understanding

    We often care for people for significant periods of their lives.  As a result we build long-term relationships that enable us to be there to listen when needed.

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