Village Living 31st April 2012

Village Living 31st April 2012

Well Adjusted Health – By Ginette Stevens I have been lucky in life to not have suffered any ailments requiring treatment from a chiropractor or osteopath so my knowledge of what they did was mostly hearsay. Having heard great things about Well Adjusted Health, the local Chiropractic Practice in Ashington and so I was delighted to […]

Riding The Brakes

A Key Chapter in Your Body’s Instruction Manual Hidden physical “gotchas” can slow us down even when we’re eating high-quality, nutritious food and doing regular vigorous physical exercise. You drop your keys, bend over to pick them up, and all of a sudden you’ve hurt your lower back. Or you’re inspecting the heirloom tomatoes at […]

M&S Underwear

Marks & Spencer and British Chiropractic Association – Perfect Poise™ 18th September 2012 Good posture can not only strengthen your back, but also make you look taller, slimmer and improve your overall look. With help and advice from the British Chiropractic Association, M&S has developed Perfect Poise™ lingerie. The 3 piece range has been launched […]

Back To School

From the bag and shoes they choose, to the amount of TV they watch, young people are constantly putting strain on their posture. With the new school term about to start, the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) highlights the importance of choosing the right shoes and bag for schoolchildren. A study carried out by the BCA […]

The fastest man on earth is a big fan of chiropractic care

Bradley Wiggins was helped by Sports Chiropractic care to be the first British winner of the Tour de France. Huge congratulations to Bradley Wiggins for winning the Tour De France, supported by a medical team that includes Matt Rabin, BCA Sports Chiropractor. His testimonial for Matt, and for Sports Chiropractic, can be found on Matt’s […]