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Well Adjusted Health – By Ginette Stevens

I have been lucky in life to not have suffered any ailments requiring treatment from a chiropractor or osteopath so my knowledge of what they did was mostly hearsay. Having heard great things about Well Adjusted Health, the local Chiropractic Practice in Ashington and so I was delighted to receive an invite to meet Mark Jones, the resident Chiropractor to find out more about what he does and to experience a consultation and treatment.

Well Adjusted Health was taken over by Mark and his wife Jane just over a year ago. Prior to this, Mark had been practicing with a firm in Windsor. But both Jones’ felt that they had reached a stage in their lives when it was time to buy one of their own.

The rest is history and very soon they found themselves settled in Steyning and working in Ashington. Mark looks after the treatment of the patients; Jane is heavily involved behind the scenes.

This partnership works extremely well and within the first few months, with the business flourishing, they were delighted to employ a Practice Manager. Arriving at Ashington Sports Pavilion, I found the Practice easy to locate with ample parking. Hazel, the Practice Manager welcomed me and we were chatting like old friends in a matter of minutes. She settled me down and gave me a comprehensive questionnaire to complete.

With the client before me finished (and looking very relaxed) it was my turn to enter the treatment room. The whole Practice has been newly decorated and was clean and inviting. The treatment room was spacious and the walls were lined with impressive looking certificates bearing Mark’s name and qualifications. Asking how he began his interest in Chiropractic, Mark revealed that it stemmed from him having treatment which finally relieved him of neck and shoulder problems that had been haunting him for years. He also found that his overall health improved and he felt more energetic.

Mark embarked on a five year Chiropractic Masters degree and additionally, throughout that time, enrolled on many other courses learning different disciplines in Chiropractic and healthcare. That, together with the in-depth medical knowledge he has acquired, has enabled him to choose the methods he now practices, and which he feels are the most beneficial and healing to patients. He continues to keep up to date with new advances and brings these to life in his work where appropriate.

Mark treats all age groups from the very young to the very old. Nearly everyone has some misalignment in their muscle framework that can be treated. Conditions most commonly treated are back and neck pain, sports and car accident injuries, headaches, sciatic nerve pain and general health screenings.

Handing over my history questionnaire to Mark, my consultation began. We spent some time discussing this information, with Mark making sure he fully understood past injuries and making sure no underlying problems were lurking.

With past information gathered, it was time for the first part of my physical examination. I stood up with my back to Mark who assessed my posture and muscle tone/restrictions. Mark tested the strength of my muscles from my toes through to my hands. This was to discover any specific muscle restrictions. It became apparent that my left leg was weaker than my right. My right side could therefore be compensating for this. As Mark explained this to me, he visually used a plastic spine, pointing out the nerve endings that related to the various areas in the body.

My spine was checked and specific points were focussed on. Taking a lie down on the couch, various other points were tested. I felt some discomfort in the shoulders (known for being rock hard after a day at work) which wasn’t a surprise, but also both my hips. Mark explained that this was no doubt to do with the imbalance in my leg strength but was very treatable.

My walking and balance were also given the once over and after a few more exercises to see strength and flexibility. Mark once again visually explained where the treatment was needed and how the information to our brain was blocked up to a certain level of pain, or we adjusted to it. By testing these points past their comfort zone, the brain responded by pain being experienced.

Mark used a mixture of ‘hands on’ treatment and a machine called an Arthrostim. This, to the untrained eye, looks like a staple gun or similar. But no, it is actually an instrument that pulses a low amount of regulated force into the body to realign it. When the body is out of balance it has to compensate to correct this, which can then lead to stresses and strain in the joints and thus the start of your problems can commence.

Mark showed me the pulsing of this machine on his hand and then mine. I’m the first to jump at discomfort but I felt none. Before Mark began, he used a method called Koren Specific Technique which helped him know which area to treat first. He also discussed any side effects I may experience after the treatment.

With the treatment over, Mark finished by testing the areas where he had found problems and there was a marked improvement in the strength in my left leg, and my shoulders muscles felt relaxed again.

The next morning my back and shoulders still felt far more relaxed and less tense. I do hope this lasts! I thought I was quite aligned and pain free before I saw Mark. It was only when I had done the tests that I realised I had some problems, albeit not life changing, which needed attention. I would recommend an appointment with Mark to everyone; young and old. Prevention is better than cure!

Contact Mark Jones MChiro, DC at Well Adjusted Health on 01903 892171. The website is Opening times are: Mon/Weds 8am to 1pm, Tues/Thurs 2pm to 8pm and Fri 9am to 2pm. An initial consultation is £50 and follow up consultation is £38. Mention Village Living magazine and receive 20% (£10) off your initial meeting.

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