Chiropractic Awareness Week (9-15 April)


The association for chiropractors the BCA has recently conducted some research looking at the percentage of people suffering from back pain and what caused it.

In the South East the survey showed a 40% incidence of back pain with 28% of those under 20 years old.

Of these surveyed the triggers for this back pain were reported as 49% for lifting or carrying heavy objects and 41% sitting for long periods of time.

So what can we do about this? The figures speak for themselves, keep moving and work to within your tolerance.

Our bodies are designed to move so not moving especially sitting for prolonged periods can lead to back pain. Ideally we should be getting up and moving around at least every 30 minutes and having a mini stretch session. Some of the exercises in the straighten up campaign are ideal stretches. Click here to see a video on what to do.

If we are sitting at a desk make sure it feels comfortable and if it doesn’t try adjusting your seat height or if looking at a computer adjust the screen height. A lot of us use laptops which aren’t so good for screen height so if necessary use a separate keyboard and lift the laptop up on some books or a specially designed stand.

This same guidance also applies for driving position. Make sure you feel comfortable, if not adjust the seat. In some cars you can adjust the steering wheel as well, check your manual for instructions on this. Your seatbelt should rest on your shoulder not neck or arm. Try not to drive for too long ideally 45-60 minutes max and then have a short break and get out of the car and walk around it a few times. If you can’t get out and maybe stuck in traffic do some shoulder shrugs and try and wiggle your hips to get some movement into the back and try some buttock clenches.

When it comes to any activity that is more strenuous than our daily activity a short 5-10 minute warm up routine will help prepare your joints and muscles for the activity.

Finally when lifting try and keep the weight of the object as close to you as possible. This will reduce the force required to lift the object and put less stress on your body. Again a warm up routine will help as well as bending the knees. If the object is too heavy to left on your own get help, a load shared is easier to lift!

When carrying anything make sure you swap sides regularly if carrying for any length of time, loading one side of the body for too long can cause injury. Swapping sides will give you a mini workout.

For any other advice or if despite this information you end up with some aches or pains don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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