Excessive sitting is deadly, even with regular exercise, Toronto researchers say.

It’s been said before but some more research is backing up what we’ve been saying about don’t sit for too long.

I always advise patients with acute problems to severely limit their sitting time as it put such a high load on the back, however the research is showing that there are other reasons to not sit for too long and it extends beyond back pain.

My advice would be if you know you are going to sit for a while set a timer or some other reminder to alert you after 20-30 minutes so you get up on cue rather than relying on your perception of time. We all know how we become engrossed in what we are doing and lose track of time. Then then the only thing you have to do is get up when the timer goes off. Have a little stretch routine worked out, it only needs to be for half a minute and then sit down again. If you’re struggling for a routine, watch our straighten up video:

When watching television jump up when the ads come on and do the same stretch routine.

It looks like taking the time to do this will not only help your back but also other aspects of your health.

If you are in any doubt come and see your chiropractor in Ashington, I’m happy to answer any queries you may have.

Click here for article in National Post

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