World Spine Day


October 16, every year, is World Spine Day.  This year the focus is to encourage everyone to Straighten Up and Move!

Spinal disorders are amongst the leading causes of disability.  When people cannot move or get around properly, it impacts on their quality of life, their ability to work and their relationships with those around them.

Most of us will suffer back or neck pain at some point in our lives.  It can be the result of an injury from lifting or twisting.  It can be related to the work we do, especially when it is repetitive and in awkward positions.  We know that sitting for prolonged periods can increase our risk of back pain.  Simply getting older can make us vulnerable to spine and joint pain, especially if we don’t move around as much as we used to.

Research has demonstrated that poor posture and inactivity are major contributors to the development of back pain and other spinal disorders.  According to the World Health Organisation, one in four adults are not active enough and over 80% of the adolescent population is not active enough!

Straighten Up is is a series of simple exercises that people of all ages can do to help be kind to their spines.  It is a 3 minute exercise programme that encourages people to stand tall and improve their flexibility.

A video demonstration of the Straighten Up exercises can be found here.

If you would like a copy of the Straighten Up leaflet we would be happy to send you one.

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